Grander Penergizer


A wonderful magic wand in the form of a pen. You will get the benefit of the Grander in. a 3-foot circle around the unit, and you can treat food, beverages, etc. with your Grander® Penergizer. You can carry your Penergizer in your pocket or your bag and treat your body’s water and decrease EMFs nearby 99%. Strike your Penergizer on metal or stone and place your vibrating Penergizer directly into your food or drink to neutralize microwave or chemical toxins in less than a minute.On this page you will find the most amazing water treatment that has ever been created. Thanks to the efforts of Johann Grander and the connection he has with nature.Call us for more information 1-718-788-8783What is happening to our water?We are rapidly destroying water's life-giving capacities on a small and large scale. Water sources are being polluted from industrial wastes, deforestation, herbicide sprays and house hold detergents; by anything that runs into the rivers and water sources.Many believe that to purify our drinking water by distilling or chlorinating processes has proven to be unhealthy for us. Purified water strips the body of trace minerals and elements, weakening our immune system.Chlorination not only weakens our immune system but introduces harmful chemical compounds and their vibrations into our water.Revitalized water can restore the natural properties to your water.The Grander Living water SystemThe Grander® Water Revitalization process is a technology of information transfer (transmitting natural information of the highest order). Much like energetic homeopathy. Nothing is added to the water except information, nor is anything removed from it.According to Johann Grander® , the creator of Grander® Technology, the properties of revitalized water can be transmitted to all waters--with the associated positive spin-off effects for human beings, animals, plants and the environment as a whole.The revitalization is carried-out by devices that are filled with Grander® information water and are either built into the water supply or are immersed directly into the water itself. This Information Water forms the basis for all subsequent applications of the Grander® Technology. The following properties of revitalized water can be derived from users personal experiences.1. Enhanced freshness as a result of a balanced microbiology;2. Improved taste;3. Water feels softer;4. Water appearance improves;5. May increase your sense of well being;6. Makes food (fruit, vegetables, bread, beverages, water etc...) taste better and fresher, with increased flavor and life-span;7. Makes your plants grow better and provides more striking and intense color on flowering plants;8. Improves solubility and thus saves on washing and cleaning materials;9. The used Grander® information revitalized water goes back into the environmentstill revitalized, so that Grander® may again benefit nature;10. Animals are attracted to and benefit from Grander® information revitalized water ;The pictures show the different Grander® units. In the compartments below we will show the individual units and give their uses and specifications.

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